Top student 3 years running!

paty-c-400pxSanta María has done it again! For the third year running we have provided the Universidad Católica with the student who has achieved the highest marks.

Last year Abrahán came top of all the students in the university in San Ignacio. The year before it was Daisy. Both had done degrees in Business Administration. This year it is Patricia – who has completed her degree in Nutrition. She shares the honour with a student from neighbouring Santa Rosa, who got exactly the same marks. Both were invited to give the speech that is allocated by custom to the top student.

Patricia was not on a SMEF scholarship at university because her parents (a retired policeman and a nurse) were able to pay for her, but after her first year she won an essay competition organised by the university, and the award was a scholarship, which was well deserved. But she does have a SMEF scholarship for learning English, and is one of our most talented students. She is going to take the First Certificate in English on 25 November. She is also active in the parish with the young people.

She became friendly with our volunteer Jessica Honey, and was invited to spend a month in England this August with her family. Two former volunteers, Rebecca Beattie and Elena Pavan, stayed with Patricia’s family in Santa María.