Virtual Harp Festival

26th August 2020
As with many organisations, the Paraguayan Harp Association is being inventive...Click the title to read more.

Two students into Medical School

13th July 2020
Last year we made the big decision to support two students with their efforts to study medicine...Click the title to read more.

Help to a nearby Music Conservatory

10th June 2020
In these challenging times we are delighted to have been able to help out a nearby project...Click the title to read more.

News from the Lockdown

11th May 2020
At first the government said the educational lockdown due to coronavirus would be for two weeks, then... Click on the title to read more

December endings and beginnings

16th December 2019
On Saturday 7 December at 6pm in the church of Santa María we held the graduation ceremony for 27 students who had completed the two-year course in Food Technology at our Institute. Click the title to read more....

Christmas Cards!

23rd September 2019
This year's card is now available to order. Click on the title to read more ...