Music Festival

12th September 2023
On 8th September each year Santa Maria celebrates its patron's saint day with various festivities...Click the title to read more.

Celebrating Aimé Bonpland

22nd June 2023
Aimé Bonpland was a French explorer who in 1821 came to Paraguay...Click the title to read more.

C1 Advanced Success

22nd March 2023
At the end of last year Paty took the Cambridge English Advanced C1 exam...Click the title to read more.

New Academic Year

01st March 2023
The new academic year is under way...Click the title to read more.

New Scholarship Students

20th December 2022
Last week we met and interviewed our new scholarships from the north of the country...

Health Assistant Qualification

21st November 2022
SMEF has started funding a local course for training up Health Assistants...Click the title to read more.

Graduation Ceremony

14th November 2022
In November we held the Institute's graduation ceremony. While the main reason we hold this...

Italian Classes

11th August 2022
To add to the French classes...Click the title to read more.