Apart from employing one field officer in Paraguay, we do all this on an almost entirely voluntary basis – all our language teachers other than Sarah are volunteers, and all our UK administration is voluntary. The only money spent in the UK is on the printing and postage of our newsletters, and otherwise every penny goes to Paraguay.


We are immensely grateful for any donation –

* £12 could pay a month’s fee in Food Technology
* £18 could buy a chair for the Institute
* £33 could pay for a morning of harp classes
* £97 could pay a scholarship to the agricultural college for all the year


Donations can be made in several ways.  To make a direct bank transfer please email  and we will send you full details, or you can send a cheque, including CAF cheques, to the Hon Sec.:

Catherine Brady
2 Beck Crescent
LE11 2UT

If you would prefer to make a donation by credit or debit card, or if you are making a donation in a foreign currency, you can make an online card donation via the Charities Aid Foundation, which is a well known and prestigious body, and they also take PayPal. Many of our donors already have CAF accounts, but you do not need to have one to donate to us. This is an easy way to donate, but they do take a 5% cut from your donation, and also swallow any Gift Aid if you do not make the donation through a CAF account.

Click on the logo to go to the Charity search page at, click the “Find a Charity” button at the top, and enter “Santa Maria Education Fund” in the search box that then appears.