Three students in England

Three of our English students, Maria Elsa, Melani and Evelin are in England as guests of The Sixth Form College, Colchester. A group of students from the college came to visit us last July and, from the funds they raised for us, invited three of our English students to visit them. The main aim of the trip is for the girls to boost their English but it has also proved to be a cultural exchange of benefit to the A-level students in Colchester, as well as the three girls. The girls did many things that they have never done before (such as travel on a train and see snow!) as well as see English used in its natural environment for the first time, while the Colchester students were able to hear, both through presentations and conversations, what life is like in rural Paraguay and the day-to-day struggles that out students go through. Many thanks to David Huggon, head of the Spanish Department at The Sixth Form College, Colchester, and all his students who have made this possible through their hard-work and generosity.