MBA Scholarship to Bloomsbury Institute

We are enormously grateful to the Bloomsbury Institute in London (in partnership with Glyndwr University in Wales), for creating a full scholarship specifically for a SMEF student to do an MBA. Four of our students applied for the first scholarship: Abrahán, Dario, Manuel and Paty E. Three of these are seen in the photo of the Advanced English class: left to right, Manuel, Paty C, Abrahán and Paty E. (Paty C. hopes to apply next year.) They had to score the equivalent of 6.0 for their English in an online Password Test, and they had two weeks to write an essay on “The UN Sustainable Development Goals are good for Paraguay: discuss”, using the Harvard Referencing System.


None of them had ever done anything remotely like that before, but they rose to the challenge brilliantly and the Bloomsbury examiners said “they were all absolutely top class”, with only a hair’s breadth between them. They were all interviewed on zoom, and the winner was announced at a reception on 6 June in London, attended (among others) by six of our former volunteer English teachers: Ellie Hill, Iona Brandt, Nina Ludekins, Elena Pavan, Jake Manton and Connor Rowlett.


The winner was Abrahán, who currently is Manager of Human Resources for the credit union COOPASI in San Ignacio, and most evenings also teaches at the Universidad Católica in their Business Administration degree. He will begin the MBA in October and will live in Goodenough College, who have kindly shared the cost of his accommodation with the Bloomsbury Institute. The Bloomsbury Institute have made clear their determination to bring over more of our students to do Masters degrees.