Library class started

Reading is an activity that needs to be encouraged in Paraguay, and we have been given a generous donation of a lot of children’s books from Spain. We had our first library class today and we had 38 children, from 6 to 12, despite it being a very rainy day. We scanned and projected a story which was accessible to even the younger ones, and they all enjoyed it. Then we put them in groups by age with the three volunteers, Jen, Ellie and James, to discuss and do activities. From next week we are going to divide into groups with reading aimed at their levels.


We made them reading logs and they designed the covers. One side of the page is filled with books we read together, and the other with books they read by themselves. Either a teacher or a parent has to sign that they’ve read it. We’ve also decided that from 3.30 – 4.30 Monday to Thursday one of us will open the library and be there for anyone who wants to come and read individually. Maybe later on we will be able to let them borrow books, but first we have to make sure that the books will come back.