First English degree student graduated

We are proud to report that SMEF has its first scholarship student with a degree in English. On 5th May Dario presented his dissertation and received 5, which is the highest mark. He had to give an oral defence of his project about using the Rosetta Stone program to teach. Dario was one of our original English students in Santa Maria, beginning his studies with us in 2001. From the start he showed a remarkable ability in the language as well as great intelligence and he is one of only three of our students to have passed the Certificate of Cambridge Advanced English, and the only one to be qualified with the Trinity CertTESOL. For a variety of reasons (all due to poverty) his journey to obtaining a university degree has been a very long one, so we are delighted that he has graduated at last. He is the only student we have supported through university in Asunción, where expenses are much higher than locally, but only in Asunción can a degree be done in English.  He currently scratches a living teaching English, but this degree will be a huge boost to his career.