End of Year English Exams

We are drawing to the end of the academic year here in Paraguay, or at least what would be the end of our normal academic year. The Institute, having lost a couple of months when lockdown started, will be working throughout the normal summer holidays.  The English course is having its usual break and we have been taking exams, both online and in person, complying with current regulations. We are happy to report that the government has approved Cambridge exams to take place, and we shall be sending four candidates to sit these exams.


Agostina, Ebelin and Maxi (in the top photo) will be sitting the A2 Key exam and Nancy (top left in the bottom photo) will be taking the B1 Preliminary exam. The Cambridge sessions have been scaled back, with no children’s exams taking place, and we have fewer candidates than we would in a normal year.


From mid-March the whole academic year has been done online. In the case of the Institute and many universities this meant they had only two days of class before lockdown was imposed. On top of the challenges faced all over the world when courses were forced online, a poor internet connection and lack of access to technology were also issues faced by many our students. Nevertheless we persevered and are proud that we have managed to continue working this year, and proud of our students for adapting to the difficult circumstances.


UPDATE 23/11/20: Unfortunately the government has ruled that under 18s, apart from those in their final year of school, cannot sit exams. So, we will only have one Cambridge candidate (Nancy) this year. It is a real shame and the three who had been due to sit the A2 Key exam had been putting a lot of effort into preparing for it and are very disappointed but, like so many things this year, it is out of our hands.