Children’s English in the countryside

While Santa Maria de Fe is already rural, it is surrounded by outlying villages which are even more so, where poverty is even higher and the level of education even lower. For those of our students in the adults’ course who come from one of these villages and can’t afford the daily trip to and from the class, we pay their petrol. However, unfortunately we cannot offer English courses to the children of these villages, mainly due to the amount of volunteer man-power and time it would require. Occasionally some of them are brought by their parents to the course in Santa Maria, but this is a big commitment of time and money which most cannot make.


This year one of our adult students, Laura (pictured standing), from one of these villages, San Fernando, decided she wanted to teach the children of the village for free, in the hope that they will get the same head-start that the children in our Santa Maria course do. She has 28 students and teaches them voluntarily and SMEF pays for the study materials while the local school lends her a classroom.