Celebrating books and education – and music

On 31 October the students of the Institute took part in a Feria del Libro y Fiesta de la Educación (Book Fair and Education Celebration) in the nearby town of Ayolas, thanks to an invitation from a dynamic Ecuadorian lay missionary who runs an education project for the poor there, focusing on music.


Our Directora Emi gave a speech, the students sold healthy food they had produced with their nutritional knowledge and packaged beautifully, and two of our top musicians (Jesús on the violin and Rodrigo on the guitar) joined with one of theirs (Sebastián on the violin) to play four pieces of folk music, which is always a keen favourite among Paraguayans.


Our harp student Monse also performed – her harp still bearing the proud number “105” which indicates it was one of the harps that played in the famous Guinness Book of Records event in 2013 when 420 harps all played together uninterruptedly in Asunción for six minutes, creating a world record.